Recent Grants

Digital & Media arts update!

HEF has approved a grant to fund 8 Nikon D3300 industry-standard cameras for Digital Photography at Harrison High School. These cameras will be used in support of the emerging media arts curricula as a continuation to LMK’s Digital Literacy program. These cameras will provide endless opportunities in creative DSLR technology and the accompanying computer editing programs, which will also benefit the IB program requirements for Visual Art. Students will expand their photographic literacy beyond IPads and IPhone cameras, increase creative & dynamic problem-solving & digital expertise, and become part of the “In-House Design Team” at the high school. Our Digital Literacy program is second to none! Thanks to art teacher, Sarah Palefsky, for her grant submission!

Bare books

All students in grades K-5 will receive a “Bare Book,” to develop a creative writing piece. With these blank, hard-covered books, students will explore the process and stages of creative writing – from the seed of an idea, to planning, editing, and eventual publishing. This study in authorship encourages critical thinking about the audience, a story’s purpose, and presentation of one’s work. The HEF board felt connected to this grant concept due to the message that it sends to our budding authors: everyone has a story to write and share!

We thank our applicants for their far reaching innovative and fun educational concepts.


*Every 5th grade class* (in all 4 HCSD elementary schools) will receive a cart of new Chromebooks. All 5th graders will have access to a Chromebook for regular classroom use, encouraging the technological, creative & critical thinking skills we want our children to develop. The Chromebooks, in concert with Google Apps for Education, will be used in research, writing, peer feedback, and presentations. Plus, Chromebook exposure in 5th grade will prepare children for the middle school (LMK) where they will again use Chromebooks for the majority of their work.

A trip to Old Bethpage…

As part of social studies curricula, 4th grade students at Preston school will be taken on a field trip to Old Bethpage Village Restoration, a living history museum. Here they will learn about the colonial times of 19th century New York. Students will be provided with the opportunity to experience and explore facets of an important and fascinating time period in our history. We are proud to fund a grant that enhances the curriculum but also enlivens the experience of learning.