Guidelines and Applications

To all HCSD Administrators / Faculty Members:
Grant applications are evaluated according to various criteria which generally include the following.
  • Curriculum enhancement
  • Promotion of the vision of the Superintendent and the Board of Education
  • Clear goals that relate to student learning and/or social well-being
  • Measurable results
  • Number and range of students benefited by the program
  • Minimization of per-student cost
  • Long-term benefits to the students
  • Likelihood of extension to other classrooms/schools in the district (if relevant)
  • Recommendation for future funding from the district or other sources
  • Publicity opportunities surrounding the grant


Applications must be approved and signed by your school principal or the District Superintendent. Factors generally weighing AGAINST grants include: teacher stipends/salaries, ordinary district budget expenses, club activities, non-academic projects, frivolous items, continuation of programs requiring ongoing annual HEF grants after pilot period or grants to influence legislation or elections.

Insta Grants:


HEF is piloting a new Grant process for applications for grants of less than $2,500 each, which will be considered on a first-submitted basis to a maximum aggregate amount of $15,000 per school year. For these grants, HEF will make its determination without regard to whether future funding will be available from the District or other sources.

Completed applications along with any supporting documentation should be emailed to: with a copy to

HEF’s mission is to distribute funds for enrichment programs that enhance the curriculum offered in our schools. The Board of Trustees of HEF believes that teachers can facilitate students’ ability to think outside the box through creative programs that inspire learning in many different ways. Innovative programs are encouraged.

We look forward to hearing your proposals. Please submit questions to with a copy to As always, thank you for your commitment to the children of the Harrison Central School District.



The Harrison Educational Foundation