Grant & Eval Forms

Guidelines and Applications

To all HCSD Administrators / Faculty Members:
Grant applications are evaluated according to various criteria which generally include the following.
  • Curriculum enhancement
  • Promotion of the vision of the Superintendent and the Board of Education
  • Clear goals that relate to student learning and/or social well-being
  • Measurable results
  • Number and range of students benefited by the program
  • Minimization of per-student cost
  • Long-term benefits to the students
  • Likelihood of extension to other classrooms/schools in the district (if relevant)
  • Recommendation for future funding from the district or other sources
  • Publicity opportunities surrounding the grant


Applications must be approved and signed by your school principal or the District Superintendent. Factors generally weighing AGAINST grants include: teacher stipends/salaries, ordinary district budget expenses, club activities, non-academic projects, frivolous items, continuation of programs requiring ongoing annual HEF grants after pilot period or grants to influence legislation or elections.