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Morgan Stanley

$5,000 – 9,999

Michael and Claudine Connors
Mark and Michele Kalt
Robert and Sydney Kindler
Daniel and Patti Rube
Dr. Steven and Ali Pearlman

$2,000 – $2,999

James and Jacqueline Aurora
Mark and Tina Canno
Adrian and Jenny Schwartz
Brant and Regina Singel
Robert and Christina Sullivan
Philip and Jennifer Yates

$1,000 – $1,999

Barbara & Harvey Schulweis
Erika L Begun
Matthew and Sara Benson
Elizabeth Brown
Michael and Maria Burden
Lisa Carolyn Cipriani
Benjamin and Lisa Dempsey
Kenneth and Shoshana Dichter
Adam Groothuis
Lauren Harding
Stephen Lichtenauer and Karen O’Brien
Erin Livolsi
Natalia Mulé
Old Oaks Foundation, Inc.
Jason and Jessica Riesel
Thomas and Anne Ryan
Joseph and Stefanie Saviano
Debbie Spano
Jeffrey and Lucy Udell

$750 – $999

LoAn Austin
Leonard and Thalia Bender
Derek and Caroline Kierans
Curt and Rachel Labelle
Adam and Jennifer Lewis
James and Kelly Mulvoy Mangan

$500 – $749

Julie Berardelli
Barry and Lauren Berkowitz
Kimberly S Beukema
Howard and Michele Geller
Glenn and Marilyn Jacobowitz
Rebecca Korhammer
Jason and Kelly Kozak
Andrew and Paula Lapkin
Paul and Tammy Lusardi
Michael and Sue Pearson
Jenn Pizzo
Andrew and Deirdre Ragusa
David and Esther Reilly
Robyn Seff
Scott and Michelle Sherman
Marcos and Lisa Siega
William and Rita Threadgill
UBS Financial Services, Inc
Jorge and Cara Veintimilla
Daniel and Lauren Zinman
Anthony and Roseann Zumbo

$250 – $499

Jennifer Amantea
David J Bauer
Ronald and Carol Belmont
Joshua and Nancy Blaine
Michael Bruschi
Neil and Loren Canell
Elena Carrea
Jennifer Celata
Gina Currim
Joshua and Dani Dollinger
Robert K Eagan
Kevin Ende and Sara Elias
Raymond and Tanya Fernandez
Beth Freedman
Christie Furman
David and Terry Gary
Bena M Gershon
Peter and Samantha Giberga
Michael and Laura Graffeo
Christie Greear
Spencer and Nancy Hart
Chris Hazelton
Chris and Tanya Hummel
Mitchell Hymowitz and Jeannie Scalzo
Tsontcho and Elina Ianchulev
Spencer and Renata Jacobson
Kenneth Kahn
Ryan and Danielle Kalaau
Clifford and Janice Kaplan
Antonella Lacatena
Michael and Danielle Lazarakis
Michael and Allison Lean
Justin and Lindsey Leibowitz
David and Lauren Leighton
Elena Nair
Kelly Parker
Al and Robin Rocchi
Kingsley Rooney
Michael Rose
Michael and Regina Salemo
Alec and Heather Schwartz
Erika Shure
Lisa Amber Smith
Jennifer St. John-Foster
Michael and Lainee Steinberg
Jessica E Stewart
Keith and Alison Wachtel
Greg Williams

$1 – $249

Charles and Alison Atanasio
Becky Bellino
Bernard Birnbaum and Maj Wickstrom
Toni Braiotta
Stephen and Bonnie Carnavalla
Lauren Chernick
Michael and Jessica Cohen
Andrew and Sharon Cooper
Jason and Mitzi Davis
Stephen and Joan Dichter
Richard and Rachel Dugoff
Amie S Eglit
Corey and Sara Feldman
David and Melissa Fertig
David and Dina Fisher
Jodie Freeman
Richard and Jill Gans
Robert Georgio
David and Jessica Gordon
Allan and Karen Grauer
Michael and Jennifer Gunzer
Steve and Dorye Harfenist
Chrissy E. Hazelton
Sean and Brandy Hendelman
Adam and Jodi Herbsman
Robert and Jaymee Hurvitz
Philippe and Carla Ifrah
Robert and Alyson Isbrandtsen
Spanky and Lauren Johnson
Joseph and Ellen Kaidanow
Tejal J Kaji
Kyoung-Sil Kang
Samantha Karofsky
David Kaufman and Lisa Perlman
Melissa Keller
Lawrence and Julie Kirshner
Randi Kohn
Lauren Leader
Emily Levine
Ethan and Jamie Levinson
Sheila Lewis
Joseph Liberti and Rachel Estroff
Andrew and Shelby Lipton
Shauna Long
Noreen Lucey
Sharon Maddaloni
Kelly Malczewski
Cathy M Malin
Lawrence and Paulette Margolis
Mitchell and Hilary Marrow
Marisa Mazzella
Debra Mccoy
Brett and Sharon Mehlman
Marcelo and Marcy Modica
Sandy Myung
Ken and Jill Novak
Elisa Olszewski
Michael Petrillo
Robert Pflieger and Joanne Sirotkin
Delphine Pinilla
Jennifer Pizzo
Amy Lauren Podolak
Brian and Robin Potash
Julie Pruger
Johanna Pryluck
Neil and Karen Ptashnik
Rachel and Rob Sales
Kori Sassower
Jenny Schenk
Jeffrey and Kimberly Schiro
Sallie Schnier
Jessica Schwartz
Ronald and Harriet Shapss
Todd Siegel
Jeffrey and Laurie Silber
Ignacio Ponce-Ocampo and Connie Sobrino
Julie Steeg
Brad and Susan Steinthal
Pamela Strauss Peligri
Douglas and Alison Summer
Judith A. Udell
John and Vicki Unterreiner
Jill Valente
Alex and Allison Wohl
Peter and Lindy Wolverton
Tai and Judy Wong
Timothy and Nina Young