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Morgan Stanley

$5,000 – 9,999


Robert and Sydney Kindler

$3,000 – $4,999


Mark and Tina Canno

Steven and Alexandra Perlman

Daniel and Patti Rube

Michael and Lainee Steinberg

$2,000 – $2,999


Michael and Jennifer Gunzer

Adam and Jennifer Lewis

Reiss Family Foundation

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc

Robert and Christina Sullivan

Philip and Jennifer Yates

$1,000 – $1,999


36 Education

Brian Appleton

Becky Bellino

Elizabeth  & Hunter Brown

Benjamin and Lisa Dempsey

Kenneth and Shoshana Dichter

Brett Eagan

Katherine and Robert Frattarola

Howard and Michele Geller

Ann Grillo

Adam Groothuis

Chrissy E. Hazelton

Houlihan-Parnes  Realty Advisors, LLC

Landsberg Jewelers

Bartley Livolsi

Natalia Mulé

Michael Petrillo

Jason and Jessica Riesel

Michael and Regina Salemo

Lisa Amber Smith

Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty

Jeffrey and Lucy Udell

Daniel and Lauren Zinman

$750 – $999


Mehran and Negar Azar

Leonard and Thalia Bender

Robert and Rosemary Brooke

Jerome & Alicia Valenti

Stephen Lichtenauer and Karen O’Brien

Marty Livingston

Shauna Long

Mary Ann Naar

Jennifer Pizzo

Adrian and Jenny Schwartz

Scott and Michelle Sherman

(WWE) World Wrestling Entertainment

$500 – $749


B Squared Bags & Baubles

Barbara & Harvey Schulweis

Mitchell and Ada Benerofe

Matthew and Sara Benson

David and Christine Calzolano

Neil and Loren Canell

John and Christine Cangir

Michael and Claudine Connors

Bena M Gershon

Peter and Samantha Giberga

Michael and Laura Graffeo

Kevin and Melissa Hein

Glenn and Marilyn Jacobowitz

Mark and Michele Kalt

Erin Livolsi

James and Kelly Mulvoy Mangan

Doron Markowitz

Elena Nair

Juli Palmon

Kelly Parker

Felix and Laura Petrillo

Piche Family Charitable Fund

Brian and Robin Potash

Purchase Community House

Erika Shure

Marcos and Lisa Siega

Blair Troiano

Harrison Wine Vault

Jorge and Cara Veintimilla


$250 – $499


Advantage Testing Prep of Westchester

Jennifer Amantea

Charles and Alison Atanasio

James and Jacqueline Aurora

LoAn Austin

Megan Belniak

Barbara Benerofe

Joshua and Nancy Blaine

Michael Bruschi

Michael and Nancy Bucci

Mimi Bulfin

Michael and Maria Burden

Lisa Cantos

Nick and Elena Carrea

Lauren Chernick

Michael and Jessica Cohen

Cornell University Foundation

Marianne Costabile

Greg and Anna Cuneo

Craig Currim

Gina Currim

Amie S Eglit

Beth Freedman

Christie Furman

Eddy and Wendy Gellert

Frank D. Gordon

Christie Greear

Lawrence and Christine Griff

Lauren Harding

Nikki Heard

Chrstine Hergen

Georgio Home

Rosemary Horvath

Robert and Jaymee Hurvitz

Jin Joshi

David Kaufman and Lisa Perlman

Derek and Caroline Kierans

Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund

Jason and Kelly Kozak

Curt and Rachel Labelle

Andrew and Paula Lapkin

NHL (National Hockey League)

Justin and Lindsey Leibowitz

Emily Levine

Ethan and Jamie Levinson

Mitchell and Hilary Marrow

Micheal and Victoria Dillon

Marcelo and Marcy Modica

Osnat Naporano

Nora’s Ovenworks

Lindsay O’Neill

Michael and Sue Pearson

Robert Pflieger and Joanne Sirotkin

Jayne Pillemer

Johanna Pryluck

Placido Dino Puccio

Dierdre Ragusa

Thomas and Anne Ryan

Rachel and Rob Sales

Alec and Heather Schwartz

Robyn Seff

Ignacio Ponce-Ocampo and Connie Sobrino

Soul Cycle Philanthropy

Jennifer St. John-Foster

Judith A. Udell

Carl and Joan Weber

Anthony and Roseann Zumbo

$1 – $249


Spencer and Lindsay Alstodt


Nancy Barr

Jodi Beller

Ronald and Carol Belmont

Zibby Bernstein

Blooming Buds

Erin Borzellino

Toni Braiotta

David Buchwald

Stephen and Bonnie Carnavalla

Andrew and Sharon Cooper

Jason and Mitzi Davis

Joshua and Dani Dollinger

Carly D’Arpino

Greg and Eva Ferrara

Brian and Gaby Fisher

David and Dina Fisher

Claudia Flores

Jon Freidman

Richard and Jill Gans

Angela Goins

Daniel and Tamara Gropper

Lia Hakim

Steve and Dorye Harfenist

Joya Harold

Mary Anne Locantro Harrison

Laura Hersch

Brian Hooper

Philippe and Carla Ifrah

Spanky and Lauren Johnson

Joseph and Ellen Kaidanow

Tejal J Kaji

Shirley Knight

Randi Kohn

Rebecca Korhammer

Brian and Jennifer Lapin

Lauren Leader

Michael and Allison Lean

Jean Lesko

Sheila Lewis

Joseph Liberti and Rachel Estroff

Andrew and Shelby Lipton

Marc Livolsi

Michelle Loiacono

Frank and Rita Longo

Noreen Lucey

Sharon Maddaloni

Christie Mainland

Dani Mair

Anthony and Jennifer Nappo

Hallie Nazar de Jaucourt

Shelby Nhaissi

Joyce Nyce

Whitney Okun

Amy O’Malley

Stephanie Pan

Kimberly Paolercio

Jason and Pamela Peligri

Erica Peltz

Devon Pesce

Bryan and Madeleine Petermann

Robert Piliero and Rena Hecht

Jayne Pillemar

Delphine Pinilla

Amy Lauren Podolak

Neil and Karen Ptashnik

Rye Racquet Club

Anne Negrin Reis

Kim Reiter

Robin & Dennis Brody

Stacy Sakellariou

Jennifer Schenk

Sallie Schnier

Jennifer Schultz

Jessica Schwartz

Amy Sherman

Jeffrey and Laurie Silber

Sydney Smith

Debbie Spano

Julie Steeg

Anthony & Barbara Sullivan

Matthew Friedman and Laura Sweder

Emil Tabakhov

Tasty Cakes

Jill Valente

Vineyard Vines

Keith and Alison Wachtel

Terry Gary Weiss

Michael and Maggie Winter

Peter and Lindy Wolverton

Le Yan

Timothy and Nina Young

Steven and Danielle Zackman